√    OnStar is available as an option
       in virtually every new Opel
       model and even comes standard
       with selected Trim Levels 
 √   If you would like to use OnStar
      in your car, your Opel service
      partner only requires a few
      details like your email address to
      complete your OnStar
  √   Best of all, the OnStar services
       are free of charge for the first 12
       months. Even for your Wi-Fi
       Hotspot you will get a free data
       trial of 3 months or 3 GB
       (whatever comes first).
       Click here for more information 

How Can I Get OnStar? 

OnStar will send you an invitation by email. Just click on the link enclosed in the email and proceed as follows:

  • Select your password and security questions
  • Check and complete the personal data as well as the specifications concerning the vehicle
  • Accept the OnStar and Wi-Fi terms
  • Set up your OnStar user preferences

After only four steps OnStar will be activated and will already be waiting for you when you pick up your new Opel!

After the 12-month free trial period1, you can decide to order a continuation of the OnStar Services.

You can buy Wi-Fi Hotspot data packages separately from the nominated network provider by following the instructions here.

Have no email address?
No problem: Your Opel service partner will assist you with your registration directly on site. OnStar will be activated and will already be waiting for you when you pick up your new Opel!

PS: Without an email account, you will not be able to enjoy some of our great OnStar services such as the Smartphone App, the Vehicle Diagnostics monthly e-mail, or your in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot.

1 Excluding Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Check OnStar Network Availability.

Check OnStar Availability in Europe.

The map provides an overview in which countries Opel OnStar Services are available in addition to the market where you bought your respective Opel car. This is especially useful if you plan to travel across Europe.1 For coverage of your Wi-Fi Hotspot2, please see the OnStar data map.

Austria Latvia
Belgium Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxemburg
Cyprus Malta
Czech Republic Netherlands
Denmark Norway
Estonia Poland
Finland Portugal
France Romania
Germany Slovakia
Gibraltar Slovenia
Greece Spain 3
Hungary Sweden
Iceland Switzerland
Ireland UK

1 Services rely on mobile network coverage and availability which may vary according to location, time and weather conditions.
2 Data connection supplied by local third party mobile network operator, not OnStar.
3 Excluding Andorra